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The Serai Shutterbug workshop is a unique photography learning experience. We encourage and train budding photographers to capture nature in all her beauty without disturbing life in the wilderness.


The Serai group of resorts are situated in the lush greens of the Western Ghats. Naturally, we follow greener practices to reduce our carbon footprint in these fragile lands. The Serai Shutterbug workshop is the photography experience. We encourage and train budding photographers to capture nature in all her beauty without disturbing life in the wilderness. The breathtaking images shot by these shutterbugs are then showcased to the world. Every single image captured here is a reflection of our brand ethos that is, living in perfect harmony with nature. The Serai Shutterbug experience, in partnership with ace wildlife photographers is the perfect opportunity for us to appreciate the world we live in.
Wildlife Photography at The Serai
Sudhir Shivaram
Wildlife photographer

What started out as an exploration of the enchanting world of the camera gradually gained direction and came to focus upon wildlife photography.

Sudhir is deeply committed to the cause of wildlife conservation and follows ethical practices while photographing his subjects in the wild. He also talks about his work and the state of wildlife to youngsters across the country hoping to inspire and win their commitment to this cause.

Current Workshops:
Sudhir Shivaram Nature & Wildlife Photography
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It promises a dialogue between you and and the photographer, who will begin to mentor and guide you..


"Wildlife photography has several nuances to it and the behavior of every subject matter differs and needs to be studied. This workshop will teach photographers about the various aspects of wildlife photography and the difference between taking images and making images. It will also stress on the need to understand and gain knowledge about the behavior of different creatures of the wildlife and pay heed to certain guidelines associated with wildlife photography" Sudhir Shivaram, ace wildlife photographer
Wildlife Photography at The Serai
Photography Workshop
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The Serai Shutterbug
Photography Contest
Last year's Shutterbug Photography Contest showcased some of the most beautiful photographs ever taken at The Serai & Barefoot Resorts. Now it's your turn to submit your best snapshots using #inspiredresorts and stand a chance to win ₹1 lakh.